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Tiny Bop

Bop classes are unique to Momentum. Perfect for all the little movers and groovers out there! Tiny Bop takes the best of our International Dance Technique Jazz classes, elements of Hip-Hop, and a unique approach to Ballet Basics (you wouldn't even know they were doing ballet!)

Bop classes are extremely popular for both girls and boys, giving children a fun and exciting introduction to dance and setting them up for great success in dance and life!

Tiny Bop is offered to students aged 3-5. From this class students will begin to have an idea of what genres they wish to pursue, and can do so with Momentum Performing Arts Academy.

With the opportunity to continue in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, and many more from ages 6+.

Bop class builds students' confidence through imaginative dance classes following different themes such as Pirates, Jungle, Circus, and many more!


Tiny Bop


Wednesday 3.30-4.00pm

$9 per class

Free Trial Available

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