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N Allen Headshot.jpg

Miss Natalie

  • WWCC

  • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

  • Sydney Dance Company

  • Australian Dance Theatre

  • Alexander Whitley Dance Company

  • A sessional staff member at WAAPA

Professional Work

Natalie Allen is an award-winning dancer with an extensive professional career, who has collaborated, performed & toured work by leading choreographers from Australia & around the world. Rafael Bonachela, Adam Linder, Emanuel Gat, Jacopo Godani, Larrisa McGowan, Alexander Ekman, Gary Stewart, Gwyn Emberton, William Forysthe & Samantha Chester are a few names Allen has worked with. Since 2013 Allen’s choreographic work has been presented locally, nationally & internationally. Climacteric a site-specific solo work originally made In Situ 2017, was presented at Contact M1 Festival 2019, Singapore. A Night Out! a community show reinventing social dance, created in 2017, toured regional WA in 2019. Allen performed in Maxine Doyle’s Sunset, Perth Festival 2019 & joined the cast of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More in Shanghai, China. 2020 saw Allen choreograph a solo for SLIDE Dance Theatre’s new show- Beam me up, Kate, a new work titled Stained in Crimson for LINK dance company and was the Movement Director on two plays; Love and Information and The Golem- Next year in Jerusalem. Allen will be in the 2021 Perth Festival, in MoveMoveMove and will be premiering Julia, a solo work at State Theatre Centre in May.

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